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    Our AMA roster is packed with working pros and industry experts at the top of their game.
    Here are some of the guest members you'll have direct access to during live AMA events.

    David duChemin

    World + Humanitarian

    David duChemin is a renowned humanitarian assignment and travel photographer, best-selling author, accidental founder of Craft & Vision, and international workshop leader. His nomadic and adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. See his work and words at davidduchemin.com.

    Peter Hurley

    Portrait + Headshot

    Peter Hurley is a premier portrait and headshot photographer with studios in New York City and Los Angeles. He is known for the genuine expressions he captures in his actors headshots and executive portraits. Peter is a total pro and a fantastic educator. Learn more at headshotcrew.com.

    Adam Blasberg

    Portrait + Editorial

    Adam is an award-winning freelance portrait, editorial and lifestyle photographer working throughout the West Coast of North America, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. To learn more about his craft, see his work, and go behind the scenes, visit his portfolio site adamblasberg.com.

    Austin Mann

    Humanitarian + iPhone

    Austin is a travel photographer & ideator, constantly on-the-move creating content for today’s best brands. He also founded WELD, a workspace + community for creative pros and he dreamt up the world-renowned Shot on iPhone campaign. You can see his work at austinmann.com.

    Dave Delnea

    Commercial + Lifestyle

    Dave Delnea is a commercial photographer primarily serving the resort industry with lifestyle images of people and places. His clients include Ritz Carlton, Trump Development, Raffles Hotels and Resorts, and Johnson & Johnson. His work can be seen at davedelnea.com.

    Christine Tremoulet

    Blogging + Productivity

    Christine is a blogger of 16 years and coined the name WordPress. As a former web consultant and professional photographer, she is a trusted expert in blogging and building an online business. Visit her at christinetremoulet.com.

    Dan Carr

    Adventure + Outdoor

    This UK-born, Whistler-based mountain man left a career in Aerospace Engineering and is now a successful photographer. His clients include major brands such as Apple, Nike, Oakley and Red Bull. Learn more at shuttermuse.com.

    Dave Seeram

    Facebook + Affiliate Advertising

    Dave is the publisher of CLARITY magazine and the owner of PhotographyBB. His secret sauce is a proprietary blend of expert marketer and digital handyman. He’s also a pixel-twisting, Photoshop action-making maniac at photographybb.com.

  • Cut the Crap. Get the Advice You Need.

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    Be bold. Share bodies of work for peer critique.


    Find out how peers are winning clients.


    Improve your web content and SEO.


    Go old school and talk about tangible collateral.


    Discuss online marketing tools, tactics and pitfalls.


    Share the love. Ask for—or offer—paid help.


    Talk money and take the pain out of client pricing.


    Keep your nails and your hair. Get help with your bookkeeping stuffs.


    Get feedback and ideas about your positioning and design.

  • Bonus Resources for Photographers

    COLAB cranks it all the way to... 11.

    Monday Kickstarters

    by Corwin Hiebert.

    At the beginning of a work week, you need more than a strong cup of coffee (or two, or three); you need a pat on the back, a kick in the butt, a crazy idea, some comforting business advice, or an exciting marketing idea. Or just a good laugh. Corwin's good for d.) All of the above.

    Downloadable AMAs

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    Ask Me Anything events are live chat discussions not to be missed, but if you can't participate—because you're working or whatever—you won't miss out. After each event, we'll provide members a downloadable PDF highlighting the best of the best.

    Resource Library

    packed with training and tools.

    Members share digital products (like eBooks, tutorials, worksheets, and software) with their peers because they're cool and/or they're hoping for some feedback. COLAB is a fantastic place to distribute and enjoy the freshest photo industry business/marketing resources.


    We believe the best kind of professional development is a two-way conversation.

    COLAB IS...


    Full-time, part-time, or on-the-side... if you make money with your camera, you can join.


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    Ros O'Gorman, Music + Portrait Photographer

    I've been confused as to whom and what to believe about the business part of what I do. COLAB Community has become my #1 business resource, which I've been hoping to find for many years.


    Cliff Etzel, Photographer + Multimedia Storyteller

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    This is a digital community only—we do not host events or facilitate meetups. Real-time access to working photographers from around the world is a truly awesome thing and we believe this community's strength comes from the willingness of members to ask questions, leave encouraging comments, and/or provide candid and insightful remarks right from their digital devices.

    Who has joined so far?


    Okay so... this could be a bit awkward but... we can't tell you that. We publicly promote our Ask Me Anything (AMA) partners, but our members haven't given us permission to release their names or information (and we won't ask, unless they willfully provide a testimonial). If you want to ensure a familiar face, ask one of your friends to join at the same time.

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    Co-founder of COLAB

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